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Dear guest, welcome on our website of Leon Aventures! Your dream is to discover the beauty of Tanzanian nature and culture? You found the perfect place! Book your flight to Tanzania and inform us about the dates. We will make a planning especially for you, depending your budget and what kind of safari you would like the most! If you travel on your own and you want to make a daytrip to a national park? Even that is possible!
Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any question.


leonce martin

My name is Leonce Martin. I'm a Tanzanian driver - guide with experience over more than 7 years.

I decided to start as a Tour Operator because I want to offer my clients the best quality safaris for a good price. I like to make fun with my clients and to teach  them all about wildlife and culture in Tanzania.

I'm ready to go, so I hope you'll join me.



Hi! My name is Katlijn. Originally I come from Belgium. Since I came to Tanzania the first time I fell in love with the country (so maybe you don't have to book your return ticket yet)

I will send you to the most beautiful places in Tanzania and I will try to make your safari unforgettable!

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